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Who We Are

At Invictus Consulting, we strive to provide the most prepared and​ innovative management professional tools and support systems b​uilt by a data-driven project management portal, that provides our job site ​leaders with the tools to find solutions to pinpoints within the industry a​nd share those lessons learned with others through an infusion of in​novation of i​ndustry practices both effectively and efficiently.

What We Do

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operations & project managment

  • Building a healthy foundation for your business
  • Managing and growing your path
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modularization & standardization

  • Adaptable support apparatus for a variety of functions
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  • Cost tracking with quality assurance and quality control.

Derrick Whittle is the visionary behind Invictus ​Consulting, serving as its founding member and ​leader. With expertise in multiple positions within ​the oilfield industry, Derrick established Invictus to ​provide tailored solutions that optimize operations ​and maximize returns for clients. Under his ​guidance, Invictus Consulting has become a trusted ​partner, known for its commitment to efficiency, ​integrity, and client success. You can message ​Derrick direct at ​

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